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Cookery Club Cook Lunch!

by Helen Farren on February 3, 2017 No comments

Delicious smells of yummy food filled the corridors today!The cookery club invited some staff to a delicious three course lunch today.  The children had worked hard all morning preparing home made soups, freshly made croutons, potato skins, salad, rocky road, flapjacks and a fruit smoothie. The food tasted fantastic and the tables were set beautifully with fresh flowers and table cloths.  Staff rarely get a chance to stop and have lunch so it was a real treat to be able to sit with staff and children and enjoy such wonderful freshly made food. Thank you to Mrs Grainger who runs the club and taught them such fantastic life skills.


I think we may have some Junior Master Chefs in the making!  We cannot wait until the next lunch !

Helen FarrenCookery Club Cook Lunch!

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