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The Titanic Sets Sail From Estcots Docks!

by Helen Farren on June 9, 2017 No comments

This morning the Titanic set sail from the docks of Estcots at 8.40 am! The passengers and crew (pupils from years 5 and 6) came dressed for the occasion and experienced life on the Titanic as either First Class, Second Class, Third Class or crew!The crew were given their duties for the day and informed where they would be working whilst on board the ship. They made soup, baked and served scones and even offered foot massages to the first class passengers to get tips to allow them to boost their meagre wages.


The Third Class passengers had accommodation below the waterline of the ship with no natural light and only only basic provision in their cabins. This did afford them the chance to enjoy themselves whilst on their passage to New York and there was nothing  they liked more than music and dancing!


The Second Class passengers enjoyed a better set of surroundings. They had more money to enjoy better cabins with better bunks and more gentile actives to keep themselves entertained on the voyage. The ladies would sew and the men would read, play cards and converse.


The First Class passengers cabins and their experiences as passengers were all together more luxurious! They had crew members waiting on them at all time (hoping to get some extra pennies) and they kept up their standards of dress and lifestyles whilst on board. They had excellent food and wine as they travelled! They gambled to keep themselves amused as well as sewing and painting. Their cabins were all above the waterline with sea views at all times.

What a fantastic day for all of the children involved! The teachers enjoyed themselves too!

Enjoy talking to your children about their day and the experiences they had playing the part of the passenger aboard the Titanic.


Helen FarrenThe Titanic Sets Sail From Estcots Docks!

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